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A journey of healing and hope in eating disorder recovery


A Mission of Healing and Recovery


Louisiana Center for Disordered Eating, LLC provides both psychological and nutrition services to individuals who are able to benefit from outpatient treatment. We firmly believe in the importance of multi-disciplinary treatment to appropriately and effectively treat clinical and sub-clinical eating disorders.


Our mission is to work comprehensively and holistically with individuals experiencing patterns of disordered eating. Our aim is to provide psychological and nutrition services to best meet the needs of the individual and/or their families during a process of healing and recovery.


Many clients choose to participate in both psychological and nutrition services. Other individuals have pre-established treatment providers in the community and elect to use only one type of treatment service through Louisiana Center for Disordered Eating. In this case, we will be happy to work closely with your community therapist and/or dietitian to provide comprehensive and consistent treatment.

A Comprehensive Approach






Medical &


Louisiana Center for Disordered Eating

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