The Louisiana Center for Disordered Eating is a place of healing and hope for individuals struggling with eating issues. We believe in a holistic approach to treatment, which includes psychological care, nutrition counseling and appropriate medical treatment.  


Our treatment specialists provide comprehensive psychological and nutrition services to individuals who are on a personal journey to change their eating behaviors, develop new ways of coping with life difficulties and continue their development through personal self-growth.


Disordered Eating vs. Eating Disorder 
Disordered Eating affects millions of women and men in our culture today.  For some individuals, disordered eating patterns are part of a significant and sometimes life threatening eating disorder.  For others, disordered eating may involve patterns of unhealthy eating behaviors, problematic dieting, and negative body image concerns that impact the quality and enjoyment of life. 


Do you or a loved one struggle with any of the following disordered eating patterns? If so, please give us a call.  We would like to help you begin your recovery journey today. 

·         Anorexia

·         Bulimia

·         Binge eating

·         Emotional eating

·         Compulsive exercise

·         Chronic dieting

·         Restricting meals

·         Abusing laxatives

·         Body dissatisfaction